Sound Proof Window Installation

Sound Proof Window Installation

Classe Designs is the only St. Louis Dealer and Installer of QuietNoise Soundproof windows. Call today for a free quote to sound proof your windows or frames. Decrease the noise infiltration up to 70%-95% with QuietNoise window sound proofing.
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Ornamental Railing Installation

Ornamental Railing Installation

Installer of Gilpin Inc. ornamental railings. We proudly install Gilpin ornamental railings, columns, and gates. Gilpin railings are available in aluminum or steel.
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Acrylic Bathtub Liner System Install

Acrylic Bathtub Liner System Install

Factory-trained installer of BCI Acrylic Bath Systems. These custom molded liners fit over your existing bathtub, shower, or wall for a one day bathroom transformation. Remodel your bathroom for less money and less time than you ever dreamed.
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Car Port Installation

Car Port Installation

Offering fast, affordable installation of Absolute Steel building systems. These robust carport solutions offer you a cost effective way to store your car or add square footage to your home. Have your car ports, or garage professionally installed.
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Screen Porch Installation

Screened in Porch

We install many different types of screen porches for your comfort and enjoyment.  Screened rooms and porches offer bug free shade combined with the cool breeze of the outside. Installation of these additional rooms and porches is very cost effective.
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cable railings

Ornamental Railing Installation

Professional installer of cable railings for interior and exterior. We install these beautiful railings for a modern, aesthetic look for your home or outdoor space. Strong cable railings use a rigid frame for safety and reliability.
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Home/House Repair & Maintenance

Home/House Repair & Maintenance

Professional home repair and maintenance. We accommodate different houses and budgets to get the job done. We repair the items in your home that you don’t have the time or expertise to fix yourself.
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Retail & Commercial Maintenance

Retail and Commercial Repair and Maintenance

Maintenance and repair of a variety of retail shops, mall stores, restaurants, and franchise buildings. We replace false ceiling panels, replace burned out light fixtures, fix broken tables, and repair professionally installed banners and store displays.
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Classe's EPA certification for Renovation, Repair & Painting (RRP) is: #R-1-18940-10-02403 through St. Louis University School of Public Health.

If you are looking for a team that will put your theories into action and make your ideas work - Classe Design is the team for you. We are hands on with each and every job. We show up on time. We complete the work. We try to exceed your expectations.

We arrive one time!

Your time is valuable. We show up on the job when we are scheduled to arrive and complete the job on time. You will not have to wait for us to show up and start work - we will be there!

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Our soundproof windows eliminate 70% to 90% of noise that is coming through the windows. Windows are 90% of the noise problem as compared with the other construction features. There is no need to replace existing windows if they are multi-pane or not. Our windows meet city codes requiring window replacements to be multi-pane and insulated. Ours windows also stop leaks, are soundproof and more. They open and close just like your existing windows.

We completed the installation of soundproof windows in the upstairs bedroom and master bath of a fairly new narrow two story urban home located in Dog Town. The owners had sound dampening blankets covering the windows. On the night stand were earplugs. Anything they tried did not block out enough sound to give them a good nights rest.

The owners, him a pharmaceutical salesman and she a nurse with various work shifts have neighbors on both sides and at the rear with dogs. When the dogs are outside in their yards they bark at anything that comes close to their territory. The barking woke the owners.

We installed two single hung soundproof windows in the bedroom and one soundproof fixed picture window behind the whirlpool tub in the bathroom. The result was reducing the noise level by better than 70%. The owners are now getting a good nights rest.


A fellow engineer contacted me about remodeling a bathroom in one of the duplexes he owned. We met at the duplex to find the ceramic tile about 12" above the tub on the back wall and faucet wall falling off. He wanted me to replace it.

I explained to him the obvious that with the single mother working, taking care of her child, shopping, church, and doing house work that replacing the tile was not the best alternative. Have you ever cleaned grout?

I introduced him to tub surrounds and installed one in his duplex. Within six months he called me to install another surround in the adjoining duplex. We installed the last of four surrounds in his duplexes.

His renters could not thank him enough for installing the surrounds as well as his wife since she cleaned the units when the renters moved out.

Acrylic surrounds are unbelievably easy to clean and maintain. They are better to maintain than tile and this became obvious to the landlord when the other tenants asked for them when the word got out after installing the first surround.

Today we also install high quality tub and shower surrounds and tub and shower liners manufactured by BCI that can be found installed in the better hotels, motels and homes.


When it comes to deck or porch build or repair one of the first things we do after leaving the customer is find out if we do not already know what building codes are used by the city or county where the work is to be done. If we are in doubt we consult with the governing agency as to which code to use, refer to the code and prepare CAD drawings, photos and file a request for permits.

Although the property owner is responsible for securing the required permits we do the filing with the owner's approval and upon receipt of the permit we post them as required by law. We make it easy for the owner and are in a position to make a better and faster submittal for permits.


Most cities and counties have building codes that rigidly cover rails and guards for stairs and decks. Regardless of the code ever insurer has standard clauses in their insurance contract regarding safety practices relating to real estate. Why not install rails to protect ourselves, our children and our invites.

We furnish and install off-the-shelf big box railing of wood, metal, glass, and plastic and top-of-line custom designed railing that is state of the art.

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(Independent contractors are not entitled to join or form a union)

SUMMARY: Classe, an independent contractor, the only employee and owner of a handyman company was forced to stop making repairs at the Galleria Shopping Mall and leave the mall by the mall operation manager since he did not belong to a union. The manager stated the mall is a "union mall".

Classe, working as an independent contractor through a service company maintains the expulsion was fraudulent. The work agreement was between the service company/Classe and the retail store. Classe contends the mall manager did not have the right to dismiss him and should be compensated for lost work and be returned to work.

THE INCIDENT: Classe was repairing ceramic tile that was broken on an entrance column at Helzberg Diamonds located in the Galleria Mall (mall) when approached by a mall security officer (security) who asked if Classe had registered with security in the management office.

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