Sound Proof Window Installation

Sound Proof Window Installation

Classe Designs is St. Louis Dealer and Installer Soundproof windows. Call today for a free quote to sound proof your windows or frames. Decrease the noise infiltration up to 70%-95% with window sound proofing.
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Home/House Repair & Maintenance

Home/House Repair & Maintenance

Professional home repair and maintenance. We accommodate different houses and budgets to get the job done. We repair the items in your home that you don’t have the time or expertise to fix yourself.
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Retail & Commercial Maintenance

Retail and Commercial Repair and Maintenance

Maintenance and repair of a variety of retail shops, mall stores, restaurants, and franchise buildings. We replace suspended ceiling panels, replace burned out light fixtures, fix broken tables, and repair professionally installed banners and store displays.
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(Independent contractors are not entitled to join or form a union)

SUMMARY: Classe, an independent contractor, the only employee and owner of a handyman company was forced to stop making repairs at the Galleria Shopping Mall and leave the mall by the mall operation manager since he did not belong to a union. The manager stated the mall is a "union mall".

Classe, working as an independent contractor through a service company maintains the expulsion was fraudulent. The work agreement was between the service company/Classe and the retail store. Classe contends the mall manager did not have the right to dismiss him and should be compensated for lost work and be returned to work.

THE INCIDENT: Classe was repairing ceramic tile that was broken on an entrance column at Helzberg Diamonds located in the Galleria Mall (mall) when approached by a mall security officer (security) who asked if Classe had registered with security in the management office.

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